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About "Nawar Properties Ltd"

Nawar Properties Limited is one of the promising real estate company in housing industry of Bangladesh. The company has established since 2012 to provide luxury living standard with client’s buying capability. One has a dream to have a own apartment or building where one can invest his earnings for better living with his family with peace along with living facilities without any disturbance. But he doesn’t find perfect mentors to guide him and make him unwind. We, Nawar properties Ltd. firmly assure you to trust us as your best companion to provide you a peaceful living like elegance of living. NPL commits towards spotless high standards, most excellent quality materials and focusing to particulars, this is the inspiring strength following our achievement. NPL accepts as true that buildings are not only about to contrast a structure also as a state- of-art. Managing Director is the most experience personnel in real estate sector have 15 years working experience in this sector. He has found the expectation and aspiration of real estate sector’s buyer closely. From his experience, he wants to make sure his honorable clients to get a competitive price with other utmost better facility to live like elegance of living. The corporate body of NPL has been composed and run by the distinguished as well as highly skilled & dynamic professionals from the different walks of business community who has already established themselves as one of the successful and respected business personnel in their respective business segment. In NPL we have highly qualified and talented engineering department to ensure state-of-art-technology and quality workmanship in all stage. We do also take of all parameters related to the structural and other related design. The most challenge in real estate sector is that every single component should be innovative, lucrative, aesthetic and creative to compete with other to show one’s best commitment and capability. NPL has the utmost confidence to prove itself better than any other company not only by words but also by its activities as committed.