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About "Tokyo Development Engineers Ltd."

Tokyo Development Engineers Ltd (TDEL) was born with a thirst to construct high quality building. Honesty is our asset, cooperation is our platform and courage is our motivation. We are always caring, always in same appearance – before the dealing, at the time of dealing and after the dealing. Both the land owners and apartment buyers will be under one roof and will be treated from the same family of TDEL. We will be caring all of them as the family member of TDEL. Our slogan is “We Are For You.” Success lies in the ability to adapt with changing times. That is something that we have learnt since 2000. Understanding the changing nature of the real estate sector TDEL proceeds to build homes, introducing courageous and innovative living concepts. We believe that architecture can captivate the essence of time. Our monuments capture accordingly a particular time frame and yet continue to be appreciated eternally. To each and every development, we add that extra touch of magic, which makes it a home.