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AMIGO PROPERTIES & DEVELOPMENTS LTD. was established in the year of 2009. A group of experienced and young professionals came together to form a construction house that would strive to build a better Bangladesh. The group created a perfect harmony of wisdom & new ideas; and the partnership’s standing the test of time is a testament of the stability of this corporate house. Today, the name AMIGO has become synonymous with quality & reliance. It is also the member of REHAB provide membership no. 745/10. The senior partners of AMIGO started real estate business in 1996 in New York (USA) and Toronto (Canada). Professional experience and quality of our construction have also provided us with the opportunity to manage a variety of real estate development projects for other groups throughout USA and Canada. AMIGO PROPERTIES & DEVELOPMENTS LTD. penetrates into Bangladesh with the experience of developments and construction of USA and Canada and with some local experts who have strong working knowledge in the areas of development and construction.The firm was formed to develop and manage projects and has expanded to all areas of the real estate spectrum and beyond. The organization has continued to grow in size and diversity.

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 Kalshi, Dhaka

Bedrooms 03
Baths 03
Size (Sq.ft) 1028
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